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Schumann Wave Generator
Schumann Wave Generator
Schumann Wave Generator
Schumann Wave Generator
Schumann Wave Generator
Schumann Wave Generator

Schumann Wave Generator

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Model:USB feed cable

Product description:
Efficacy of Schumann wave generator
Schumann wave electromagnetic wave is extremely low frequency, which can penetrate any substance and belongs to non ionizing radiation. Everyone has a weak potential network, which will generate frequency resonance when excited by Schumann wave. The intensity of the resonance is related to the internal structure of the electrical network (human body). Some human electrical networks have a good structure and can easily receive Schumann waves; Some people can only receive weak Schumann waves, which is similar to the frequency tuning of a radio. Schumann wave is a natural energy source, which is inexhaustible. Anyone who easily resonates with Schumann wave is always charging, and is naturally energetic and healthy. The received Schumann wave electromagnetic field resonates with the cell frequency of the human body to maintain the overall balance of the human meridians, thereby reducing the damage to the human body caused by EMF free radiation.
When the naturally regenerated geomagnetic field is simulated by electronic method, such as the artificial 7.83Hz Schumann wave frequency generated by the square wave generator is used to replace the natural Schumann wave. It can induce human frequency resonance, supplement natural geomagnetic field and artificially weaken electromagnetic field EMF interference, and keep cell membrane potential balanced and healthy.


1, using Mini Usb port power supply, typical +5V@0.1A. USB feed cable

2, imported ultra-low static power consumption master IC, more stable waveform

3, output 7.83HZ pulse square wave duty cycle 50%. Frequency can be fine-tuned correction

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1*USB cable

Schumann Wave GeneratorSchumann Wave GeneratorSchumann Wave GeneratorSchumann Wave GeneratorSchumann Wave Generator

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